Bracero back with "W" in NYC

Promoter Rich Komissar's Italian welterweight Floriano Pagliara got it done on Thursday night's Broadway Boxing show, put on by Lou DiBella, at the Roseland in NYC. He scored a UD6 win over Rynell Griffin, and rose to 13-4.

Komissar was happy with his effort, but the effort on Sunset Park's Gabriel "Tito" Bracero, who won a UD8 over Jermaine White, really got him jazzed.

Komissar says Bracero, who was coming off his first loss, to Chop Chop Corley, deserves a money fight, "He turned pro with Luis Collazzo, Paul Malignaggi, Yuri Foreman, Dmitriy Salita, etc. They got their chance. It is no secret that Tito did some time in a correctional facility to pay the price for being a silly youth.

He has paid his dues.

He's always in the gym and dedicated to being a better person; he goes to church, helps charities, does fundraisers. He has five children to support.

He brings hundreds of people out every time he fights. He gets hundreds of responses on his Facebook and Twitter page from people all over the country.

I think he can go with any of these guys from 138-143. Especially, Brandon ["Bam Bam"] Rios. Just give him the opportunity. He is what this game is about, redemption. Bam Bam is a bully and in my opinion we will beat his butt.

Tito is a true warrior. He fears no one but his God. His Sunset Park fans will intimidate that little punk Bam Bam and we will own him before they weigh in. He is a punk. Let him try and disrespect Tommy Gallagher (Bracero's trainer and pal of Komissar's) the way he did with Freddie Roach. He will get slapped in the mouth.

We will bring 100 people from Brooklyn to Vegas if we fight in Vegas."

It's not clear if the 31-year-old Bracero will get Rios, who has battled weight problems and has now pulled out of a scheduled fight, against Mauricio Herrera, on July 7, because of an elbow injury.

But yes, Bracero should get a shot at someone, because the longer he's on these club shows, against rugged vets, and subject to being butted and cut, the more scar tissue he will accumulate.