Adamek beats Chambers in Jersey

His record won't indicate it, but June 16, 2012 was and will be one of the best professional nights of Eddie Chambers' life.

The Philadelphia heavyweight lost to Tomasz Adamek in the main event at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., on a card televised by NBC's cable sports channel. But he did so with just one good arm, as he seemed to tear something in his left when throwing a hook in the first. With 34 seconds left in the start-up frame, his left was rendered useless -- he threw, missed and twice looked down at the crippled wing -- and he fought Poland's Adamek with one arm the rest of the way. The fight was a tight one, but the judges -- not being the sentimental sorts that I am -- gave Adamek the nod, by scores of 116-112 (twice), 119-109.

Adamek, 35, threw more but landed less. He went 134-919, as Chambers' elusiveness proved hard to handle over the whole 12. Chambers, 30, went 152-462, and this decision once again cements, as if it wasn't already glaringly apparent, that judges love the guy who punches more. Adamek threw more than Chambers and won. Timothy Bradley Jr. threw more than Manny Pacquiao last week and "won."

Now, I could be wrong -- and someone please alert me if I just missed this -- but it looked to me like Adamek's corner never picked up on the fact that Chambers didn't use his left hand at all after the first. Maybe trainer Roger Bloodworth did tell Adamek (now 46-2, 28 KOs) of this development and I missed it. If not, it goes to show you that even a wise hand like the vet Bloodworth can miss a big ol' thing in the haze of battle. Chambers dropped to 36-3 (18 KOs), but there was no shame in his game in Jersey on this night.