Lopez-Malignaggi a possibility

Paulie Malignaggi, in between getting his fill of Euro 2012 soccer action, has been inching his mind back into the boxing biz.

The new WBA welter champ was in L.A. to check out the Victor Ortiz-Josesito Lopez thriller on Saturday night. He was mightily impressed with Lopez, as was the rest of the fight world. The boxer talked to NYFightBlog on Monday, and told us that his promoter, Golden Boy, offered some names to the Twitter King to consider for an October defense at the Barclays Center. And yes, Lopez, the underdog who smashed Ortiz’s jaw to pieces after coming up to 147 from 140, is in the mix. Dmitriy Salita and Marcos Maidana are also possibilities, he told us.

"I was impressed with Josesito, very impressed," he told us. The Brooklyn-bred boxer also told us he'd be happy to give Timothy Bradley a boxing lesson, though Bradley being with Top Rank, we are pretty sure that possibility is up there with an Obama-Palin ticket.

Paulie will start workouts this month, so when he starts camp he’ll be fit and trim. “I don’t want to go to camp to get in shape,” he told us. Hear more from the mouthy Malignaggi tomorrow on whether he thinks Ortiz deserves scorn for "quitting," and why the Lopez win was good for all human beings.