'Comanche Boy' signs with DeGuardia

People in the fight game tend to move slowly, even when faced with hard, irrefutable evidence. That's not always a bad thing; to be knee-jerk is to ensure you leave out evidence when making a move. But more and more, promoters are realizing that fight fans really gravitate to traders, to boxers who press the issue, who like to strive for the kayo. Sublety, in a world of realistic video games and MMA, is out.

This is why Joe DeGuardia, of Star Boxing in the Bronx, signed middleweight prospect George Tahdooanippah, a 33-year-old, 5-foot-10 hitter based in Lawton, Okla., with a 30-0 record and 22 KOs.

The middleweight, who goes by the nom-de-guerre "Comanche Boy", because he is from Comanche and Choctaw stock, will likely debut for Star in Oklahoma in August or September.

"I'm excited about the signing," DeGuardia told me. "He's got a great record, and there's a uniqueness about him, being Native American, who is proud of his heritage." DeGuardia recalled that the last Oklahoman to make a heavy mark in the sweet science was Sean O'Grady, a lightweight champ in the early '80s. "Comanche Boy is strong, and I love the pure boxers, the sweet science, but this kid is fan friendly. I want more of those guys in my stable."

And of "those guys," DeGuardia means boxers who throw tons of punches, who want to make the fight.

Comanche Boy hasn't been thrown into the deep water -- all but one of his bouts has been in Oklahoma -- so don't expect DeGuardia to proclaim him ready for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by the holidays. But he'd like to get him on TV, let fans see his flashy ring walk, and the stunning headdress he wears, and then see what happens. "He's got a lot of flair and knockouts, and I'm hoping he'll rise to championship stature."