Boxing, with a side of theater, on Long Island

Boxing promotions often -- OK, usually -- come off as dated, antiquated, behind the times. Especially at the arena, during a big card which is being shown on HBO or Showtime, the fans can be left twiddling their thumbs for loooong stretches while waiting for another fight to begin.

Me, if I ran things, I'd try to fill the time. Singing, dancing, juggling, something. But sadly, the fans at the arena are often blown off, because promoters are most taken with the fat $ chunk the TV network throws at them, and thus, cater to TV over the true fans. It ain't right ...

That said, I like what promoter Bob Duffy is putting together for his Aug. 11 show at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square. He will present fights, including a NY State junior middleweight title fight between Brooklyn's Cindy Serrano and Kerri Hill of Little Rock, Arkansas. But before the bouts kick in, Duffy will offer a staging of "Kid Shamrock," the play written by Bobby Cassidy Jr. based on the life of his dad, ex-contender Bobby Cassidy Sr.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime event," said former heavyweight champion Michael Bentt, director of "Kid Shamrock." "I've seen some of these prospects fight and I am telling you the future looks bright for them. The cast is ready, the fighters are ready, don't miss this."

The "Shamrock" cast includes Mark Breland (Olympic gold medalist, two-time welterweight champ), John Duddy (ex-IBA middleweight champ), Seamus McDonagh (fought Evander Holyfield), Mark McPherson (ex-world ranked junior middleweight) and Junior Jones (five-time champ).