Martinez promises KO of Chavez Jr.

Sergio Martinez expects this fight to be super tough, he told NYFightBlog on Thursday.

Martinez (49-2) expects that he will do his thing, and outbox Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-0-1) on Sept. 15 in Las Vegas, stopping him in Round 11. He thinks Junior will be as difficult a foe to combat as he's been in with. That includes Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams. He believes, however, that he will be helped by his mental edge. "I look in his eyes and I know I am in his head," the 37-year-old Martinez told me, through interpreter Nathan Lewkowicz, the son of his advisor, Sampson Lewkowicz. And what does he see in his eyes? "Fear," Martinez answered.

Is Chavez similar to Kelly Pavlik, in that he will be the larger man on fight night? "Not really," Martinez told me. Yes, both men come forward, but Pavlik moves in a straight line, while Chavez uses his legs and the ring more. Martinez says he isn't ceding anything to the kid.

He still feels as fresh as he did five or so years ago.