Sergio rates his Body Issue experience

Peter Hapak for ESPN The Magazine

Sergio Martinez got a few, um, "notes" after appearing in ESPN The Magazine's 2011 Body Issue.The ESPN The Magazine Body Issue is once again out in circulation, and with that in mind, I asked ex-middleweight champ Sergio Martinez, who was in town to hype his Sept. 15 clash with current WBC middleweight champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., how his experience posing starkers in the 2011 edition worked out for him. We were at the Edison Ballroom in midtown, and sat down and chatted after a presser concluded.

Was that a positive experience, I asked, through interpreter Nathan Lewkowicz, the New York-based son of Martinez's advisor Sampson Lewkowicz.

Martinez grinned, and answered. And grinned, as he waited for Nathan's interpretation.

"Thousands," Nathan said, "he received thousands of responses, notes and stuff, from that."

I looked at Sergio as my mind drifted to the "notes," and texts, and Jpegs and the like that Sergio was inundated with after his Body Issue appearance.

"From ladies?" I queried.

"Yes," Sergio said, and like the gentleman he is, left it at that.

Like the gentleman I am, so did I.