Malignaggi to fight Cano, awaiting mystery megafight

Put away your pitchforks, Paulie Malignaggi fans. Yes, on surface it may seem strange that the new arena, Barclays Center, is going to be open to boxing on Oct. 20 with a card tagged "Brooklyn Pride," and Brooklyn's best known pugilist won't be headlining the event.

But Malignaggi assures NYFightBlog that there is a viable reason for this, that it makes sense to have Danny Garcia-Erik Morales II headlining at the first fight card at Barclays.

"There is a longterm plan," the fighter, bred in Bensonhurst, told us. "My fans should stay patient, there is a very big fight coming, but it's hush hush for now."

Underneath the Golden Boy promoted Garcia-Morales II, Malignaggi told us, he will fight in a showcase scrap against 22 year-old Mexican Pablo Cano (25-1-1 with 19 KOs, best known for performing well in a loss to Erik Morales on 9-17-2011).

Malignaggi said he won't look past Cano, and put his WBA welterweight title in peril, because he has one eye on the mega-scrap he says is in the works, against a mystery foe.

"Cano I have to take seriously," he said. "He's a very good body puncher, he'll try to take my legs away. I will take him seriously." The 31 year-old fighter with a 31-4 mark said he expects the joint to be pretty packed with Mexicans rooting for Morales, and that he expects some hooting directed at him, on behalf of Cano.

Of the mystery foe and the date forthcoming, he said that news should drop soon. Malignaggi added that there were extensive talks with Brooklyner Zab Judah, and those fizzled, but that is a matchup that could come to fruition down the line. "be patient," the boxer said in closing. "I think my fans will not be disappointed."

"We will have fanfare at the arena, we will have lot of back and forth momentum in the crowd," he said.