Trainer says weight drain hurt Dawson

John Scully was put in a tough spot in the months and weeks leading up to the clash between light heavyweight champ Chad Dawson and super middleweight champ Andre Ward. With his fighter, Dawson, dropping down from 175 to 168 for the first time since 2006, many wondered if the weight cut might be excessively draining to a man who walks around without much body fat on him.

Nah, Scully said to media when asked about the weight-drain worries. My guy will be OK, he said.

Could he have answered otherwise, even if he felt that the weigh loss would be a severe detriment to Dawson, and let the other team know his fighter would be weak on fight night?

After Dawson was dropped three times and stopped by Ward in Round 10 Saturday night in Las Vegas, the Connecticut-based ex-pro admitted to NYFightBlog that making 168 took it out of Dawson.

For real, I asked, was Dawson weight-drained?

"Unbelievably," Scully told me.

And when did you know this?

"A couple weeks ago," Scully said.

Compubox said Dawson landed just 29 punches in nine plus rounds, an anemic stat for a top-shelf hitter, even if he is facing off against a pound-for-pound stud.

Scully made sure to mention that Ward was dialed in on Saturday, and called him "persistent."

Scully said he thinks Dawson would be happy to face off with Ward in his hood, at 175. He also said that a Ward fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. makes sense, if Junior beats Sergio Martinez in their middleweight PPV clash this Saturday.

Also, I asked Scully if could confirm or deny the rumor that Edison Miranda kayoed Dawson during sparring a few weeks before Dawson-Ward. "They had great sparring," he answered. "Chad didn't win every round but if anyone says anything happened tell them to reveal themselves. Otherwise anyone can say anything. This has snowballed."