Malignaggi would like Hatton again

Ricky Hatton is set to make a big announcement on Friday, in England, and the cat is out of the bag. He'll be making a comeback, multiple stories suggest.

Brooklyn's Paul Malignaggi has made no secret that he'd love to avenge his November 2008 loss to "The Hitman," who hung up the gloves following a May 2009 Ko2 loss to Manny Pacquiao, a year and a half after he was stopped in Round 10 by Floyd Mayweather. Now 33, and still enjoying the admiration and adoration of the boxing public, Hatton wasn't, it seems, fulfilled by his role as promoter. So, it looks like he'll yank the gloves back on for a final run.

So, Paulie, are the wheels in motion to bring Hatton to the States, to headline at the Barclays with you in, say, February?

"That would be nice but that would have to be figured out when the time comes to talk about it. His comeback seems like the worst kept secret in boxing," the 31-year-old hitter told NYFightBlog from LA, where he's training for his next fight. "How could talk of a rematch not get my attention? I am fully focused on Pablo Cano on October 20 and only Cano, though."

I asked if Malignaggi is doing anything different in this camp to get ready for the young bomber Cano. New cardio plan? New diet? Cutting out hanky-panky?

"Same regimen," he said, with a laugh. "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"