Malignaggi: 'I like Martinez in the fight'

Paul Malignaggi will serve as guest analyst on Showtime's Saturday offering, topped by the junior middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez facing off against script-flipper Josesito Lopez, who got the gig when he beat favored Victor Ortiz in June. So the welterweight champ's attention will be focused on the goings on at the MGM. But like all fight fans, he will be curious to see how the Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. scrap, held the same night at the Thomas and Mack in Vegas, plays out.

So, Paulie, who do ya like in that one?

"I like Martinez in the fight," the Bensonhurst-bred boxer told NYFightBlog. "Although if it goes to the cards in Vegas, things could get tricky. I just have not seen that Chavez knows how to cut distance in any other way than to walk straight in, and doing that with a sharpshooter like Martinez could get him in a lot of trouble. I like Sergio to stop him late on accumulated punishment, but we will see what Chavez has inside of him on Saturday night, and even if he loses, hopefully he can gain some respect."

Boxing is funny that way; a guy can build his brand, can attract a legion of fans in a loss by giving a valiant effort in the face of harsh circumstances and a dire outcome. Readers, please leave your prediction as a comment.