Jamel Herring says he'll sign with Haymon

Jamel Herring of Coram, Long Island, told NYFightBlog he is amped to get into gear as a pro. He said he spoke to trainer Mike Stafford, of Ohio, and Stafford said Al Haymon's people will be sending a contract for a management deal to ink later this week.

So, is Herring looking to prove a point, that as a fighter, he's not the guy who was bumped from the Olympics in his first-round fight? "I'm really excited and you read my mind," Herring told me. "I want to prove a point to the world. People fail to realize we weren't fully prepared during the Olympic Games. I mean, let's be serious, we only had about three weeks to prepare... but that's in the past, now I just want to move on and focus on becoming a world champion."

Herring will likely turn pro the end of November. He's rooting for Olympic teammates Rau' Shee Warren and Terrell Gausha, who he said will be fighting on a Nov. 3 card.

Texan Errol Spence and Californian ex footballer Dominic Brezeale also might take part in a full-fledged Olympics reunion show, he said.