Collazo gets W in Barclays boxing debut

Luis Collazo Al Bello/Getty Images

Luis Collazo of Williamsburg engaged Steve Upsher of Philly in a welterweight tradefest, to the enjoyment of the fans at the Barclays Center who made it to their seat a bit before six o'clock. After eight rounds the judges decided Collazo did more and awarded him the victory by scores of 78-72, 79-73, 77-75.

Collazo, who showed off the tattoos he told us were his sole addiction, got aggressive in Round 2 and mixed combos on Upsher. He smelled blood, even if Upsher wasn't leaking from any nicks or slices.

The Philly boxer hung tough, and in the next round, he was coming forward. Then Collazo's experience kicked in. He used his legs more, smartly. He hurt Upsher some in the fifth and sixth, but the Philly kid showed heart. They traded, in tight, a good deal, so there were pockets, plenty of them, of slugfest-type trading. A chant of "Looie" took Collazo to the final bell.