Quillin wins WBO title

Peter Quillin started slow against Hassan N'Dam but got up to speed in Round 4. He scored two knockdown on N'Dam, the WBO middleweight champ, and a stoppage could have been called at the Barclays Center. But the fight continued, and N'Dam ate more.

N'Dam went down twice in Round 6, and the fight could have been called again, but darn if the Cameroonian-born Frenchman didn't come back and leave a mark. He ate shots in Round 9, but kept coming forward. He defended the left hook better after the sixth, but still ate the occasional shot that had the crowd buzzing for Kid Chocolate.

Amazingly, testament to the heart and courage of N'Dam, we went to the cards; Quillin scored the unanimous win, by tallies of 115-107, times three.

N'Dam smiled to start the 12th, and gestured his respect to Quillin. He pressed forward, forcing Quillin, who spoke emotionally this week of being without his own place to live when he moved to NYC from Michigan 10-plus years ago, to work for the crown. Quillin scored two knockdowns in the final round.