Malignaggi talks judging, hurt hand, Hatton

Paul Malignaggi was out and about in NYC today, supporting his pal Floriano Pagliara, who fights Wednesday night at Roseland on a Lou DiBella card. The hyper-competitive Malignaggi looked not too worse for wear, showing some nicks and minor bruises and some swelling on his right hand, which he hurt sometime after the midway point of his scrap against Pablo Cano on Saturday night at the Barclays Center.

His Irish welled up before a press conference for the Roseland show, at Jack Demsey's, when he talked about the fight, especially one scorecard filed by judge Glenn Feldman, who had Cano a 118-109 winner. Luckily for the WBA welter champ, who now lives full time in L.A. after growing up in Bensonhurst, two other judges overruled him, both seeing it his way 114-113, and so Malignaggi got the W.

I asked him about the bout, and he said, even after watching it on Sunday on TV, he still doesn't see how anyone could have scored it for Cano, especially that widely. "I don't think it was controversial by any means," he said. He critiqued himself, noting he didn't have as much zest as he might have liked on fight night, and said he expended an excess of energy hyping the card. Is he aiming for his next fight to be a rematch with Ricky Hatton? Watch the video above, and find out ...

Note: CombuBox actually shows Malignaggi outjabbing Cano, 160 to 97.