DiBella announces relief fundraising plans

Lou DiBella, president of DiBella Entertainment, lives on Long Island, one of the hardest-hit areas during this week's storm. Luckily, he only suffered some damage to his home.

On Thursday, the lifelong New Yorker, whose office is in midtown Manhattan, weighed in on the storm, its affects, and shared a plan to raise funds for those hit hardest by the severe winds and rains.

"Where our staff has been greatly inconvenienced and our offices and homes have been left without power, hot water and cell phone service, we suffered no injuries to family, our properties are largely intact and we will be back on our feet shortly," DiBella said. "The tri-state area is the home of DBE and our Broadway Boxing series. So many of our friends, fans and viewers have suffered far greater damage than we have. Breezy Point, the Rockaways and much of the Jersey Shore will never be the same and people are enduring unbearable suffering in those areas and many others. Broadway Boxing will return before the end of the year and the final card of 2012 will be a fundraising effort for those most harmed by Hurricane Sandy. We will work with possible television outlets and venues and an announcement will be forthcoming shortly.

The thoughts and prayers of all of us at DBE are with everyone who has been affected by this catastrophe. All of us who are suffering little more than discomfort, inconvenience and minor property damage should be thankful that we came out of this with what is most important; our families, our friends, our health and our homes. There are many who were not so lucky and they are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone at DBE."