Street cred: Browne chills with Elmo

No matter how his pro debut goes tonight, and I expect that he will score a KO win over his greener foe, Staten Islander Marcus Browne can be assured that one gleaming act he took part in will forever cement him as a star.

Browne shot a short video with Sesame Street's cuddliest and most popular resident, Elmo. (You can check out that short here.)

Browne told Elmo that working hard, practicing every day, staying focused, getting plenty of rest and eating healthy brought him to the Olympics.

A couple days before his debut against 2-0 Codale Ford at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Calif., this evening, I asked Browne, age 21, about the Elmo shoot.

"It was a couple months before the Olympic Games, in New York City," said the light heavyweight. "It was a great experience. I asked Elmo if he wore the same outfit as he did when I was a kid."

Elmo indicated that the suit (coat? body?) has been refurbished many times since the '90s.

"I was in amazement. I grew up watching Elmo," Browne said.

You can check out Browne, and some of his Olympic teammates, on Showtime tonight at 10.