Duffy's show in Franklin Square is ON

Promoter Bob Duffy considered canceling his fight card, set to unfold at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant tonight, in Franklin Square, when Sandy and LIPA dropped a hammer on the island. The event was originally scheduled for Nov. 1 and was nearly canceled after the storm.

"I felt we owed it to the boxers and the Long Island community to have this show," Duffy explained. "These kids work so hard. Even though many of them were without electricity and were struggling to put gas in their cars, they never broke training. They found a way to get it done."

Hicksville's Tommy Rainone meets Missouri Golden Gloves champ Robbie Cannon in the main event, and lightweight Mike Brooks, Cindy Serrano, Rich Neves, Anthony Karperis and Nick Argyris will do battle underneath.

Argyris' home in Babylon and his car were both destroyed by the storm, so perhaps his foe should be ready for the fighter to be extra ready to rumble.