Jamel Herring turning pro Dec. 8

Jamel Herring, the Olympian out of Coram, Long Island, was kind enough to update NYFightBlog on his recent activities as he counts down to his professional debut. Herring, a U.S. Marine who served two tours, will step into the ring Dec. 8 in Anaheim, Calif.

"I started training camp September 29th in Ohio and I trained there for two weeks before moving the camp to Colorado Springs, where I trained under Adrien Broner's trainer, Mike Stafford, and helped prepare Adrien for his November 17 fight by becoming one of his sparring partners," he said. "Since I'm a southpaw myself with a height of 5'10, I gave Adrien a good look on what he was up against, versus Antonio Demarco, in terms of body frame.

"Camp there lasted about three weeks, until we moved again to California due to the fact that Rau'shee Warren was making his pro debut in California with my other Olympic teammates November 9.

"Then I trained and sparred Adrien at the Wildcard Gym while also getting the chance to touch bases with Freddie Roach again and also got the opportunity to meet Manny Pacquaio. During the fight in L.A. I got the chance to speak with Amir Khan again. The last time we spoke was at the Olympic Games in London. From Los Angeles we traveled straight to Atlantic City, where training was a bit toned down since everyone was preparing for the Broner/DeMarco fight. There I got to witness Adrien become a two-time world champion, so that was bit of a break for me in terms of training camp.

"Afterwards I returned back to Ohio that following Sunday, but I was right back in the gym Monday when Al Haymon confirmed that me and Rau'shee would be fighting December 8th in Anaheim at the Business Expo Center."

Sounds like the 27-year-old junior welterweight Herring is getting a full-on immersion experience, flying here and there, getting stellar sparring and soaking up wisdom and advice from some of the best and brighest in the game, useful since he is getting a late start as a pro.