Malignaggi likes Cotto over Trout

Paul Malignaggi likes the seasoned pro who has been successful on the big stage over the under-the-radar titlist at MSG on Saturday night. "Miguel Cotto's experience will win the fight," the just-turned-32-year-old WBA welterweight champion told NYFightBlog when asked for his assessment of the clash between Cotto and WBA junior middle champ Austin Tout. "Trout is hungry, though, and will have to fight that way because in these kind of fights digging deep is essential."

Malignaggi knows about "these kinds of fights." He took on Cotto at the Garden in 2006, and while he had a solid number of rooters there from the 'hood, the Bensonhurst contingent was drowned out by the NewYoricans who roar madly whenever Cotto so much as feints. Cotto gets lifted up by the fans at MSG and Trout will have to excel in other areas, because it will be Miguel's house on Saturday, and Cotto will be treating him like an unwelcome guest in the ring.