Yoel Judah will train son Zab for Feb. 9 fight

Zab Judah's dad Yoel will be back in his corner for the Feb. 9 fight against Danny Garcia, Yoel Judah told NYFightBlog Saturday after the atmosphere simmered down following a near melee at a press conference at a midtown steakhouse.

Yoel Judah played peacemaker at Gallagher's, as did Bernard Hopkins of Golden Boy, and Sam Watson, who works with advisor Al Haymon, who all tried to deescalate the beef between Zab and Angel Garcia, the trainer and father of Danny.

Yoel, a former kickboxer, said that come Feb. 9, he will work Zab's corner, as head trainer, after some time apart from his kid. Judah was trained by Yoel's brother James in his last fight, against Vernon Paris. Zab's pairing with ex-fighter Pernell Whitaker didn't play out well, as Judah looked listless ion a count-out loss to Amir Khan in 2011. James will also corner Zab in Brooklyn, the boxer said.

Yoel said he was happy to be back working with Zab, and that he knew the Whitaker style of fighting wouldn't work against Khan, who needs to be pressed. Zab will be the aggressor, and ferocious on fight night against Garcia, he promised.

"They made a mistake," he said of Angel Garcia's chopsbusting, while offering to "discuss" the matter with Angel instead of involving the boxers. "They poured gasoline on the fire."