Mosley wants to return and fight Paulie?

Shane Mosley was last seen in a ring continuing a sad and never to be eradicated fight game tradition -- he was the sacrifice offered to the young lion, on this occasion Canelo Alvarez, on a Las Vegas altar-ring.

As far as sacrifices go, this one was on the less-gory side. Mosley lost a unanimous decision to the 21 year old on May 5, and soon after, told the world that he was done.

Here's what Shane told Dan Rafael a month after the Alvarez loss.

"I'm going to leave it alone. I'm good. I'm going into the promotional world, I'm training my son [21-year-old amateur Shane Mosley Jr.]. It was a helluva career. I'm happy for all the great memories and all the great fighters that I fought. Now it's time give back. I'm ready to train my son full-time now." With a 46-8-1 record, including 39 KOs, he continued, "That's life, that's getting older. When you get older, you see what happens. You think you can do things. You see stuff that you think you can do, that you want to do, but you just can't do it anymore."

And then time passes, and boredom sets in, and people that used to call you "champ" just say, "Hey Shane," or maybe don't come over to pay their respects. And even though you're 41, you think that maybe you got one more effort in you. And so you float a comeback plan, and make it known that you think you still have enough to beat Paul Malignaggi, the 32 year-old WBA welterweight champ. The Mosley-might-come-back-versus-Paulie story ran on FightHype.com. A "source" told Ben Thompson of FightHype that Mosley thought Paulie looked so-so in his last fight, a win over Pablo Cano at Barclays on Oct. 20.

I informed Paulie of the rumor and that Mosley seemingly dissed his performance. "He was unimpressive in his last couple fights himself so it's really a case of the pot calling the kettle black," Malignaggi said. "In his day he was great, I don't know about now. It's not my call if he's worthy of a shot, it's the TV networks that make the fights."

Thoughts, readers? Would you like to see Mosley come back, and fight Paulie?