Marcus Browne predicts Marquez to beat Pacquiao

Staten Island prospect Marcus Browne looks to rise to 2-0 when he gloves up on a Dec. 15 card at the LA Sports Arena in Los Angeles.

The light heavyweight Browne is keeping his fingers crossed that his fight will be shown on CBS, which will televise a Leo Santa Cruz-Alberto Guevara bantamweight title fight as the main event.

Fellow Olympian Joseph Diaz has a TV slot locked down, and Browne told NYFightblog that he isn't sure if his scrap will run on CBS, or on Showtime Extreme.

"So, if my fight isn't on CBS it'll be shown on SHO Extreme, that's kinda weird but it's whatev(er)," Browne told me. "I was hoping I was a lock for CBS," he admitted.

A CBS slot would be a minor coup, as boxing has been off network TV for more than five years, and there will be solid hubbub surrounding the Golden Boy offering.

While I had him on the line, I asked the 22-year-old Browne who he likes in Saturday's Pacquiao-Marquez fight in Vegas (to be shown on HBO pay-per-view). "I got Marquez winning, by split decision," he said. "I won't be surprised if Manny gets a decision, I just feel like Marquez is gonna pull it off. I feel like Marquez won the last one, but who am I, Mike? I'm a small fish, I got to get my weight up," he said, chuckling.

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