Malignaggi doing holiday planning

UPDATE: The LA Times' Lance Pugmire reports that the Devon Alexander title defense versus Kell Brook has been reset to March 2. A Ricky Hatton fight went down the tubes when Hatton got starched, Alexander looks to be booked...it's on to Plan C for Paulie. Mosley, maybe?

UPDATE 2: Paulie as of Friday AM tells NYFightblog he is waiting on an offer to do the Mosley fight. He's inclined to take it if the terms are good, he said.


There are visions in Paul Malignaggi's head, but they are not of sugarplums. The Brooklyn-bred hitter is looking forward to mingling with family and friends this holiday season, but he is far busier plotting his career course, while the rest of us pillage Amazon and try to get that stupid Paul McCartney Christmas tune out of our brains.

For the just-turned-32 Malignaggi knows that in the reasonably near future, he will greet the Yuletide season as an ex-fighter. He knows that he has leverage, as the WBA welterweight champion, and is someone who can sell a fight, even though his power quotient is on the low end.

For Paulie, mulling his next move would have intensified after the holidays, but Kell Brook's pullout, because of an ankle injury, shook up the welterweight division. Brook, a top challenger, was due to meet Devon Alexander, the IBF welter champ, in a unification match on January 19.

That could mean a Malignaggi-Alexander fight, which has simmered for well over a year, could occur sooner rather than later.

"If there was an offer for me against Devon at the Barclays Center in April, I would seriously consider it," Malignaggi told NYFightblog. "We both have world titles and it could be a blockbuster unification that's been brewing for a long time." Brewing is the word; Malignaggi poked a stick at the Missouri boxer back in Octover 2011, wearing a "Devon Is My B----" T-shirt after beating Orlando Lora. Alexander has accused Malignaggi of ducking a fight with him after that.

Shane Mosley has been making noise about getting off the hammock, too. Last seen getting the worst of it against young gun Canelo Alvarez, Mosley was quoted as saying recently that he though Malignaggi looked ho-hum in beating Pablo Cano on Oct. 20. Would Malignaggi maybe choose that option, a defense against Mosley, if presented to him, over Alexander? Mosley does still have higher name recognition, and that style clash might be more fan-friendly than a Malignaggi-Alexander fight.

"Devon is in his prime, with titles, and then his friends would stop making up stories that I'm ducking him," Malignaggi said, chuckling.

I'm not prone to dismiss a Malignaggi-Mosley fight out of hand, one, because this is the boxing business, and money speaks louder than anything else, nine times out of 10, and names equal dollars. Two, Mosley looked better than I expected, and not totally shot, against Canelo in May. He'd compete with Malignaggi.

As for my style question, Malignaggi addressed that: "It could be a style clash, but when two guys are hungry to get that recognition and respect, they will fight. Mayweather versus Judah didn't turn out half bad, did it?"

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