Quillin takes postponement in stride

It is a side to the business we squares can't wrap our brands around. You've been in training for six weeks, you've whittled your weight down, you've sparred 60 rounds, you're seeing the home stretch. The fight is almost here, the win is on hand, and soon you can celebrate with a junk food splurge.

Peter Quillin, the WBO middleweight champion, seems to have handled the news that his Feb. 9 Barclays Center bout against Fernando Guerrero would be postponed until April 27, because of an injury to co-headliner Danny Garcia, with the utmost serenity.

Better man than I ...

"I'm praying for Danny to get better, as well as for Zab and Guerrero to stay focused," Quillin said from Los Angeles, where he was training at Wild Card Gym. "I'm praying for Guerrero to stay focused, too, because I'm coming for him on April 27."

Garcia hurt his ribs, and then aggravated the injury on Saturday, leaving him unable to keep his date with Brownsville native Zab Judah.

Yes, Quillin took the news in stride.

"This is what I do and things like this happen sometimes in boxing," he said. "You never expect it to but it does happen. I'm just rollin' with the punches. I'm setting up my schedule for the next 1 1/2 months before I go back to camp. I'll be teaching four classes a week at the Trinity Boxing Club (in Manhattan) for regular people (non-boxers). They want to train with the champ; I want to keep my mind focused and stay sharp by being in the gym." He'll be flying back to NYC shortly.

Quillin will be the guest of honor as the 2012 Fighter of the Year at another rescheduled event, the 26th annual Ring 8 Awards Dinner, on February 10 at Russo's On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York. I'm proud to say I'll be on the dais with Quillin, as Ring 8's Writer of the Year.