Malignaggi May 18 fight nearly done

Paul Maliganngi is still in a holding period, waiting for all the elements of a deal to fight in Abu Dhabi on May 18, against Argentine Diego Chaves, to jell. "Supposedly, everything is agreed to in principle," he said. "I have to sign, though, and then wait to see if money is transferred into an agreed escrow account."

This being boxing, it's always smart to take under advisement that a deal isn't a deal into both boxers are standing in a ring and the bell rings for Round 1. Malignaggi knows this and isn't getting ahead of himself. "If that doesn't happen then I'd probably still fight Andre Berto, in June," he told NYFightblog.

The fighter also reacted to the news that Floyd Mayweather flew the HBO coop and signed a six-fight, 30-month deal with rival Showtime. "I'm excited about Floyd signing with Showtime," Maliganngi said. "I can't wait to commentate on his fights!" Maliganngi, with an eye toward his vocational path after he hangs up the gloves, started doing TV commentary for Showtime last year.

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