Possible matchup: Paulie Malignaggi vs. Erik Morales

Fight fans, whaddya think of this match? The future lockdown Hall of Famer Erik Morales, who holds the WBC 140 pound belt, against #TwitterKing Paulie Malignaggi, the ex Brooklyner now living in LA?

Me, I like, because I see it as a pleasing matchup in styles, and I must confess I don't really care to see the 35 year old Mexican legend Morales butt hands with the young bombers in the division.

The most astute among you may well be ready to fire me a blast on Twitter, telling me I don't know diddly, because you are aware that Malignaggi (30-4; turns 31 on Nov. 23) has fought his last three bouts at 147, because making 140 proved to be too draining for him.

I'm out in front of you on that issue. Malignaggi's manager Anthony Catanzaro told NYFightBlog that Malignaggi, during training camp for his last bout, against Orlando Lora on Oct. 15 (UD10 win), had a revelation. "I can make 140," he announced. Catanzaro was skeptical, knowing what a task it was for his longtime client to hit that mark.

"The hot weather really helps," Catanzaro explained to us. "We will take all precautions, hire a dietician and nutritionist, make sure he does it healthy."

The manager said he likes the Morales (52-7) matchup a lot. He acknowledges he's past his prime, but he, like we, saw Morales fight at a high level against young gun Marcos Maidana in April (majority decision loss). "He still had gas in the tank. The speed factor, we bring to the table, foot speed even more important than hand speed. And if it goes bad in that fight, we lost to a legend."

Morales had more trouble getting untracked in his last outing, Sept. 17 against Pablo Cano, but came on to stop his foe in the the tenth. "We're not taking him for granted," Catanzaro said. "He's one of the best Mexico has ever produced. This is a real good money fight. We love our chances, and Paulie deserves it. He's never ducked anyone. This three fight win streak puts us in a nice position for Morales, or a Morales type fight. Making 140, that window of opportunity is double now."

Catanzaro has been in contact with Paulie's promoter, Golden Boy, he says Golden Boy seems enthused, and tells us they've indicated they will broach the subject with Team Morales. "It shouldn't be hard to make the fight if they accept," he said.

Please weigh in, NYFightBlog readers. You like this scrap? Fire us a comment.