If Broner says yes, Malignaggi fight is on

Get ready for trash-talk gold.

It's looking a lot like Paul Malignaggi could face off against the newest "it" kid in boxing, Adrien Broner, this summer.

The WBA welter champ Malignaggi told NYFightblog that if Broner says yes, they could fight either in Abu Dhabi (on May 18) or at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (on June 22).

Broner holds the WBC 135-pound crown, so it would be a considerable leap to 147. "I just don't see him as a welterweight, I think he's talented, but I also think his team is biting off more than he can chew," Malignaggi told me. "We've heard from that entire side wanting the fight, except Broner himself. I think that says something. Weight classes exist for a reason."

These two are both top 10, maybe top five, in talking smack, so the insults would probably be flying fast and furious before the fight. The clever Brooklyner would be the best foe Broner has fought, and we can assume Malignaggi's motivation to show his worth would propel him to be in tip-top condition, mentally and physically.

"I can't see how I lose it," Malignaggi said.

I like the scrap. You?

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