Broner trainer likes Malignaggi fight

Sounds like we got a fight, or at least the main ingredients for one. Adrien Broner's trainer Mike Stafford said he'd love to have his kid fight Paul Malignaggi, and got the trash-talking parade marching when he took a couple shots at the Brooklyn boxer.

"If Paulie think Adrien's not a welterweight, please, Adrien spars with middleweights," the trainer told NYFightblog on Tuesday night after I spoke to him about the proposed Malignaggi-Broner fight in Abu Dhabi or Brooklyn. "That fight sounds good. I like the fight. Adrien would come in around 141, 142. I'd rather have it in Brooklyn than in Abu Dhabi. That'd be perfect. They've been trying to get Adrien to New York for a fight for a long time. May or June? I say June, give Paulie some time to talk up his s---t."

When informed that Malignaggi told NYFightblog that he didn't see Broner as a true welterweight, Stafford scoffed. "It ain't about being a welterweight, it's about being a true fighter. Paulie's not a welterweight, he's a blow up 140. It ain't like he's walking around at 160. He's a little, itty dude, got no knockouts. It's the hands, it ain't the weights."

Stafford said he's pretty sure Brit Ricky Burns, rumored for well over a year to be a Broner foe, doesn't want a piece of Broner, so a fight with Malignaggi makes sense. "The public doesn't know the other guys," he said of other potential matches for the brash Cincy standout.

Now, it'd be up to promoter Golden Boy to get Broner advisor Al Haymon to sign off and come to terms with Team Malignaggi.

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