DiBella's love-hate relationship with boxing

Promoter Lou DiBella stands out as a character in a sport populated with scores of folks who think, act and talk outside of "normal" parameters. Harvard-educated, combustible and profane, with an attention span that at times wanders but can be corralled when his heart is touched by the right fighter or hard-luck story, DiBella is, in my opinion, tailor-made for the first real boxing personality reality show.

Besides his compelling persona, the former HBO boxing programming head warrants your attention because he is struggling with his relationship with the sport which he adores, but which also repulses him. In this mini-doc, called "No Way Out," by director John James, DiBella talks about his love-hate relationship with the sweet science, which he is sometimes sour on. He doesn't care for "dealing with people [who make] you want to shower after you speak with them," he says. He also talks about the saints who take street kids off that certain path of self-immolation to a path of self-esteem, glory and possible financial security. I found myself wondering, as I watched, how much longer the New York native will stay in the game. A win by his guy, Sergio Martinez on April 27 against Martin Murray in Argentina, will surely cheer him up for a spell, as the middleweight titlist Martinez is on the path for a fat rematch payday against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Check it out for yourselves, readers. Do you sense that DiBella will stay in this relationship, or he will reach a point where he walks away from a wondrous but tragically flawed sport?