Elder Garcia still fuming at Judah

Security was tight at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn on Wednesday, the day after Team Garcia and Team Judah skirmished at Modell's across from Barclays Center during a meet'n greet for fans ahead of the Saturday Golden Boy/Showtime card, topped by Danny Garcia's title defense against Zab Judah.

Judah on Tuesday night crashed the party at Modell's and riled up Angel Garcia, the trainer-father of junior welter titleholder Danny; this was a virtual repeat of their clash during a December presser to hype the fight, which was originally set for Feb. 27 but was postponed after Garcia injured a rib in training. This scrum actually lasted a bit longer, spilling out into the parking lot. Garcia the elder told NYFightblog that Judah spit at the car he and Danny were in, and slammed his fist on the hood after the two teams butted heads inside. "He's lucky I wasn't driving," the dad told me. "I would have run the car in reverse." But he held his temper, he said, and didn't hop out of the car because he realized where it would have ended up. "If we had gotten out we would've ended up in jail or prison," he said. "You don't spit on a vehicle. Little girls do that."

To make sure the Gleason's media gathering was without incident, security made sure to double-check that only invited media and people who had business at the gym were in the building when the Garcias were there. I was carded twice entering. We can be sure that the press conference on Thursday will be overloaded with security.

The dad, to NYFightblog, said the conflict would only make his son more focused. "Judah has never faced people like us," he said, with confidence and menace.

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