Browne likes Mayweather over Guerrero

Seems like everyone I come across is impressed with Marcus Browne's progress as a pro thus far. The Staten island hitter, a light heavyweight, rose to 4-0 with a KO2 takeout of Taneal Goyco at Barclays on Saturday night.

I asked the lefty, who repped the U.S. at the London Olympics, for his takeaway on the victory.

"It was a good win, now for our next time out we're doing six rounds for the first time," the 22-year-old told me. "We're trying to get a decent opponent and I'm just going to continue to work hard so fights can be easy, although not every fight will be."

Browne is being guided by Al Haymon, who is sort of a "Wizard of Oz," man-behind-the-curtain type who is rarely seen in public -- he didn't even appear to accept his Boxing Writers Association of America Manager of the Year award at the April 11 awards gala in NYC -- but is one of the three (two, one?) most powerful people in the sport. Haymon is not prone to risk-taking as he builds his prospects, to the point that many fans grumble that Haymon fighters don't subject themselves to risk early or often enough, but if you're a fighter, you have to feel comforted that your manager isn't one to throw you into waters that might be too deep, or shark-filled, before you're ready.

Browne said Haymon told him he would likely fight on the June 22 Barclays card which is topped by Paul Malignaggi's welterweight title defense against Adrien Broner, who is coming up from 135 pounds.

And who does Browne like in Saturday's Floyd Mayweather-Robert Guerrero fight? "Floyd is in a higher class than this kid, to me personally we'll see that display itself from the fifth round on," Browne told me. "If it even goes that far ... I got Floyd in round eight or nine."