Roach: Mayweather is a little bit boring

Five time Boxing Writers Association of America Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach saw Floyd Mayweather do his thing in Las Vegas on Saturday night. His verdict? "Mayweather fought careful, calculated," he said. "The fight against Robert Guerrero was a little boring."

Roach trains Manny Pacquiao, who has for a couple years been the on-again, off-again target of barbs from Mayweather. Often, Roach, the more outspoken of the two men, will stand up for Manny, and fire back at Floyd, as Pacquiao is not at all interested in the trash-talk side of the sport. So, there is little love lost between Freddie and Floyd, it is safe to say...

"I gave Robert Guerrero one round," he continued. "Many people thought he did so well with Andre Berto in his last fight that they thought he'd give Mayweather more of a challenge. But Berto and Mayweather are worlds apart. Guerrero was overwhelmed with Mayweather's speed."

Roach sides with fans who came away a tad bit miffed that Mayweather concentrated so much on defense. "He doesn't take chances," Roach said. "I felt he could have knocked Guerrero out. But he doesn't take chances. He'll land one and get out."

And what if it was Pacquiao in that ring on Saturday night against Mayweather? "It will be difficult for anybody, as we know," he said. "Mayweather proved he fights southpaws well. I think you have to be more aggressive, put more pressure on him, smart pressure, you can't throw one at a time. You have to make a fight out of it, but it is hard to get him into a fight, he's such a great boxer. He's a little bit boring, I wish he was a better finisher. Five guys I was with literally fell asleep."

And do those on the message boards who admit disappointment that Guerrero didn't seem to go balls out, fight fast and furious, when he knew he was down on the cards, make it a rumble, do they have a point?

"I think he was overwhelmed, he didn't see that coming," Roach said. "Guerrero thought he'd be like Berto. But Mayweather ties you up and locks you down. He's very, very careful. I'm not gonna punish Guerrero too badly. I wish he was more aggressive but I don't think he could anything more. Mayweather has great defense."