Oscar De La Hoya at the upfronts

From Monday through Thursday, television people convened in New York City to hype their stuff and try to convince advertisers that their programming is top grade and worthy of getting top advertising dollars. Boxing exec Oscar De La Hoya made the trek to the "upfronts" from the West Coast, and on Wednesday, made his pitch to potential ad buyers about the health and well-being of his promotional outfit, Golden Boy Promotions.

"I was invited by Fox, our partners," he told NYFightblog in a phone conversation Friday. "We're starting on Fox Sports 1 in August, plus we do a lot of boxing on Fox Deportes. I was in front of the guys who spend the big bucks, and telling them that we put on great fights."

There were several hundred advertisers taking in his presentation, the soon-to-be Hall of Famer told me. "It was all great for the sport."

De La Hoya said he was shooting the breeze with UFC honcho Dana White, who went on after him, in the green room. White is Barnum-esque, a smooth showman who can charm with the best of them. How did De La Hoya fare? "I had the crowd going," he said, chuckling. "I told them if they add a few more zeros, I might come back to the ring."

You're joking, right? Or would you like to come back, give it one more go, against, say, Canelo Alvarez?

"Well ... " indicating that he understands his 40-year-old bones might not stand up to the hard knocks delivered by the 22-year-old who might meet Floyd Mayweather in September.

De La Hoya hung up the gloves officially in 2009, with a 39-6 mark.

"There's not one day that passes that I don't think about it," he admitted, "but I realize that I can't fight at the highest level, and the highest level is the only one I'd want to fight at."

De La Hoya also teased something that could come to fruition, besides maybe more ad dollars for the Fox content. "I have a very, very important meeting coming up, with me and Dana White," he said. I bothered him for a hint about the topic.

"It'll be about how we can work together," he said. "Cross-promoting. This is all combat."