Kellerman predicts Ward-Golovkin fight

NYC native Max Kellerman was infected by the boxing bug way back. He felt the need to communicate his views about the sweet science, a sport which is a magnet sport for cerebral types, because it pushes buttons of personal philosophy and worldview while offering top-level athletic drama, when done right.

At 16, he had a cable access boxing show, then went to school at Columbia ('98 grad), and at 24, was introduced as the Gen X voice of the game, on ESPN's "Friday Night Fights. " He appeared on the show from fall 1998 to early 2004.

Kellerman's been part of the HBO Boxing family since 2005, and will help Jim Lampley call an HBO show Saturday (May 25), in London, along with super middleweight ace Andre Ward. He is also the co-host of ESPN Los Angeles 710 AM's "Max & Marcellus."

Brit Carl Froch (30-2) will meet Mikkel Kessler (46-2) in a rematch from their 2010 scrap, which saw the Dane Kessler get a unanimous decision, in his homeland.

Kellerman and I chatted about how how he sees Froch-Kessler II playing out, and then I put him on the spot, asking him to put on a promoter hat. Who would he put Ward, who some folks say is better, pound for pound, than Floyd Mayweather, in against next?

"It could be the winner of Froch-Kessler II," he said. "But I believe, when the dust settles, it's going to be Andre Ward and Gennady Golovkin, though the dust ain't gonna settle for a few years."

That, he thinks, would be one of those superfights the type of which make themselves, by consensus demand.

While I was in pressure fight ... I mean, pressure journo mode, I followed up. If you were able to manage one demolition guy, Gennady Golovkin, or Lucas Matthysse, who would it be?

"When I survey the landscape, the really special one I see is Golovkin," he answered.

I posed the same question on Twitter, and interestingly, found most responders chose Matthysse, reasoning he has beaten better names, to this point. Kellerman likes Golovkin's sturdy foundation, how he keeps balanced, doesn't waste motion as he shrinks the ring and takes his pound of flesh.

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