Floyd, Canelo were 'serious' and 'intense'

Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza presided over a Tuesday session which brought Floyd Mayweather and Mexican phenom Canelo Alvarez together for some photos in Los Angeles. I asked Espinoza what he gleaned from the meetup.

"Both guys were very serious," he said, as he waited for the Malignaggi-Broner presser to begin on Thursday at Barclays Center. "Intense. Quiet intensity, because of the language barrier." (Alvarez is still working on his English; Mayweather doesn't speak Spanish.)

Espinoza joked that it's a good bet Floyd learns a few Spanish phrases in order to better needle Canelo in the coming months, heading to their Sept. 14 scrap in Las Vegas.

Did Espinoza read anything into their body language? "Canelo didn't seem intimidated at all," he reported. "He's a really cool customer."