Marcus Browne puts on power show

Marcus Browne of Staten Island went to 5-0, with a TKO win over Ricardo Campillo of Mexico in a light heavyweight scrap set for six or fewer at Barclays Center on Saturday.

A left from the lefty dropped the loser, now 7-7-1, in round one. He ate another left right after that the crowd enjoyed, but made it to the second against the 22-year-old who took part in the 2012 Olympics.

A left, after a left hand-right hook combo, sent him down in the second. He got up, and the ref let it go, but his corner didn't. They hopped up on the apron with the inspector and the fight was ended, at 1:00.

Browne had the crowd ewwing and ahhing a couple times. He showed some likable surliness when he almost shoved the ref aside to get at Campillo after he buzzed him in round two.