Team Malignaggi wants Broner rematch

It's been four days since he lost, via a split decision, his WBA welterweight title, but on Wednesday Paul Malignaggi's face still registered some of the fire and fury that he during the fight and after it was announced that Adrien Broner had bested him at Barclays Center.

Malignaggi came to Gallagher's steakhouse in midtown today, to offer his support for New York boxing, with ex-promoter Lou DiBella co-promoting a show at Foxwoods on Saturday night, along with K2.

Paulie came with advisor Anthony Catanzaro, whose stock in many circles edged up, because as he predicted, his kid didn't get steamrolled by the Next Big Thing, Broner, as so many experts had predicted. With Malignaggi still the slightest bit in "gameface" mode, I asked Catanzaro what's next for Malignaggi, who admitted post-fight that, at 32, he didn't know if he wanted to try and keep getting up for training camps.

"We are very interested in a rematch with Broner," Catanzaro told me. "We feel the fight itself warrants it, it did very well financially at the gate, and the Nielsen ratings were fantastic. We feel strongly that we won and [co-advisor] Steve Bash and I will do everything possible to make a rematch."

In the coming weeks, Catanzaro said, Team Malignaggi will broach the subject of a rematch with promoter Golden Boy Promotions.