Catanzaro to advise Macklin

Brooklyn's Anthony Catanzaro, who advises former two-division champion Paul Malignaggi, has signed a new client. Middleweight Matthew Macklin, an Anglo-Irish hitter with a 29-5 record, will now ask Catanzaro to help steer his course.

"I'm very excited and honored that a fighter like Matt put his trust in me," Catanzaro said.

The recent ride has been choppy. The 31-year-old Macklin was stopped in Round 3 of his last fight, against natural-born detonator Gennady Golovkin. And he had dropped two of three before that, to champions Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez.

There's no shame in that -- Macklin's recent history simply shows he seeks to take on the top guns in the game. But don't be surprised if Catanzaro seeks to get a W or two tucked under Macklin's belt, against lesser-grade foes, to help Macklin regain his swagger.