ESPN's Joe Tess on Mayweather-Canelo

ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" is done with its season, and play-by-play man Joe Tessitore is on to other assignments, like covering the college football scene. But Tess was kind enough to offer NYFightblog his assessment of "The One," the Saturday Las Vegas mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather, the most handsomely paid man in athletics, and Canelo Alvarez, the most handsome hitter from Mexico, and, many gals have been telling me, in all of sports.

Here's Tess' take:

"Mayweather wins a comfortable unanimous decision," said the analyst, who will help call Saturday's Ole Miss at Texas college football faceoff. "That is, unless he chooses to fight more aggressive and appear crowd-pleasing. If that's the case then he wins a unanimous decision with a few moments in the early and middle rounds that give Canelo fans a thrill and fleeting hope. This fight is a calculated business decision on both sides -- the Canelo camp knows they can lose and still have their entire career and earning power ahead of them ... while Mayweather knows he likely won't lose and will still cash a huge paycheck for fighting a guy who isn't seasoned enough to handle him."

I can't poke a whole in one bit of that logic. What about you, fight fans? How do you see this bout unfolding? I think Floyd will stay smart, not open up any more than he has to in order to keep the 23-year-old honest, steer away from his promise to gun for a KO, and soldier on to a comfortable unanimous decision. What say you?