Golovkin: Stevens has a 'big mouth'

When informed of Curtis Stevens' brash talk about what the Brooklyn-hitter is aiming to do to him on Nov. 2 at Madison Square Garden's Theater, Gennady Golovkin reacted in the same manner in which he fights: with a measured but aggressive tone.

When told Stevens sought to "decapitate" him, the 31-year-old Golovkin, in a phone interview from California, where he's in camp with trainer Abel Sanchez, said, "Yeah, he has a big mouth, and every time he does a lot of talking. I think he's a little scared of me. He's scared."

You can see for yourself how this plays out, as the fight will run on HBO.

The 28-year-old Stevens (25-3 with 18 KOs) didn't diss Golovkin (27-0 with 24 KOs) wholesale during a Wednesday media chat, acknowledging some strengths in the Kazakh. But he did label him a "hype job." The WBA middleweight champion Golovkin didn't deride Steven's skills on Thursday, to me at least. He heard that Stevens has been working on his agility and mobility. That's well and good, Golovkin said, but he expects Nov. 2 to turn into the sort of fight he craves: "a street fight."

For Golovkin, a man who seems to maintain a resting pulse rate even when he's in finishing mode in the ring, this constitutes trash talk.