Talking options for Mayweather's next fight

We have a long time out to Floyd Mayweather's next bout, but after "Money" elevated himself into a new realm of celebrity with his Sept. 14 win over Canelo Alvarez, it's never too early to obsess over who the 36-year-old pugilist-specialist will tangle with on May 3, his next slated date.

I queried Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy promotions, at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill on Wednesday to see if he'd part with at least a hint about Floyd's next opponent.

"We're having some conversations as we always do, talking about what's next," he told me. "I'd expect before the end of the holidays we should know which direction Floyd would like to go."

And is Amir Khan option A, as many have supposed?

"There are a lot of different options," he said. "It served me and Floyd very well not to discuss what options there are, and take people by surprise like we did with Canelo. I don't want to speculate on options A, B and C. It doesn't do anybody any good."

What about a Floyd Mayweather-Bernard Hopkins fight? Is that an absurd notion or is there something to it?

"I wouldn't say it's absurd but there's not something to it either," Schaefer said. "I had no conversations with anybody on the Mayweather team about Floyd moving up in weight. He is a welterweight who once in a while does a fight or so at super welterweight. He's not a super welterweight, let alone a middleweight. I really don't see that happening."

But since the 45-0 Mayweather is having his way with all comers between 147 and 154 pounds, isn't there an argument to be made that we should widen the scope in our search for someone to test him?

"Ultimately it's going to be Mayweather to go through all the names, and he likes to challenge himself," Schaefer continued. "There were many who thought he'd never agree to fight Canelo, a young, undefeated, strong junior middleweight, and Floyd took everyone by surprise. We know he likes to take challenges; let's see what happens Saturday, then have conversations with Floyd and his team."