Quillin wins via TKO over Rosado

New Yorker Peter Quillin has a reputation as a knockdown artist, having notched 10 knockdowns in his past two fights before stepping into the ring at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J., on Saturday night on a Golden Boy card.

In defending his middleweight title, the 30-year-old Quillin didn't find foe Gabriel Rosado as easy to dent as Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam or Fernando Guerrero, though. He knocked Rosado down once, but the scrap was nip-and-tuck until Round 10. Then, the doctor halted the bout, at 40 seconds elapsed, deeming a cut over Rosado's left eye too bad to allow the fighter to continue. Quillin was awarded the TKO win, because the cut was caused by a punch.

"I was hurting him," Rosado said afterward. "I deserve a rematch -- this is the story of my life, I'm the real Rocky Balboa."

"I feel good," Quillin said. "It wasn't easy but I earned every bit of it." He said he respects the doctor for protecting the loser. He mentioned Sergio Martinez as a possible next foe, and said he'd defend versus anyone, "even my mother."

The Philladelphia fighter Rosado was buckled by a left hook early in the first but collected himself. The patient Quillin waited for a spot, assessing Rosado's methods. In the second, Rosado went down in a flash with 35 seconds to go. It was a left hook that did it, after a right blinded him.

In the third, Rosado wanted to press more. He had some luck, with rights, and in keeping Quillin from patiently dissecting him. In the fourth, Quillin's underrated left hook scored a few times. Then Quillin got buzzed late, off a short right counter. He held smartly. In the fifth, Rosado had Quillin thinking too much, backing up. Rosado mocked him with showboating early. In the sixth, the Rosado right again found a home a couple times. Quillin did well early, when a constant jab was in motion.

In the seventh, a right upper for Quillin wowed the crowd. His foe has good torso and head movement when threatened, though. In the eighth, Rosado stalked Quillin; his confidence was high and he indicated that Quillin didn't have bothersome pop. The cut on his left eye said otherwise after the ninth ended. In Round 10, the ref asked the doctor looked at the cut, and the doctor said no mas.

Quillin, who grew up in Michigan, is now 30-0 with 22 KOs. Rosado drops to 21-7.

The scores at the time of the stop were 89-81, 87-83 and 90-80, for Quillin, from Waleska Roldan, Ron McNair and Kason Cheeks, respectively. Quillin went 88-of-349, to 80-of-297 for the loser, in punch stats.