NYFightblog looks back on 2013 (Part 3)

Paul Malignaggi gets our nod for Fighter of the Year. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Here's the last part of my look back at my favorite posts of 2013.

July: Transition time for newlywed Amir Khan

Who's next for Floyd? That question can dominate endless news cycles, as we keyboard tappers and the social media mavens speculate and opine on who should be graced with one of two lottery tickets "Money" dispenses every year.

Last July, amateur Sherlocks thought they were receiving a hint on a near-future Floyd foe with a flurry of Amir Khan sightings in NYC. On July 16, NYFightblog talked about Khan's recent marriage festivities, and guess what, six months later, we're still speculating. Khan seems to be the front-runner to fight Floyd on Mayweather's forthcoming May date.

August: Mike Tyson reveals sobriety slip

Some folks dismiss Mike Tyson's third act as a promotional ploy, and insist that he simply manufactures and manipulates his personal drama as fodder for the masses. Me, I admire the former heavyweight champion and Baddest Man on the Planet for laying out his foibles and not presenting himself as a totally rehabbed character who has seen the light and is now a perfectly actualized being.

On Aug. 24, I touched on Tyson's public admission that he'd had a sobriety slip. The confession rang true for me, because I've seen Tyson act in movies, and he isn't an Oscar-worthy talent.

September: Malignaggi: Floyd Mayweather is best ever

Paul Malignaggi is not shy. Never. The man will tell you what is on his mind, even if it means you might be offended.

On Sept. 16, Paulie told us that he thinks Floyd Mayweather is indeed the best of all time, better than the Sugar Ray, Henry Armstrong, et al. "I think Floyd beats everyone in history, and anyone who doesn't realize that by now is stubborn, blind, stupid or all three," he told NYFightblog. "He is the best ever." This came after Floyd made Canelo Alvarez look like a prospect-level pugilist in Las Vegas enroute to a decision win. There is no doubt the "how good is Floyd?" debate will rage on as long the Earth keeps spinning.

October: Tissues needed at Gatti-Ward screening

For my birthday, on Oct. 16, the wife and I went to a screening of "Legendary Nights: The Tale of Gatti-Ward" at HBO's headquarters in Manhattan.

I, like every single person who tuned in, adored the effort, which reminded viewers of just how different some souls are built than us regular folks. Fighters like Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward have a reservoir of willpower and competitiveness which needs an outlet, which they find in the ring. We're lucky to be able to witness it.

November: Thoughts on the Abdusalamov tragedy

It was one of the better heavyweight bouts you'll see in this age of subpar talent in the highest weight division. The Nov. 2 Magomed Abdusalamov-Mike Perez bout at the MSG Theater, however, will be recalled as the night Mago was too brave for his own good.

Perez got the better of it over ten rounds. After the fight, Mago was taken to a hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery for brain damage.

We continue to follow his story, which today leaves him in an upstate rehab facility, where his warrior resolve is being put to the test as he tries to regain the ability to walk and talk.

December: Malignaggi tops Judah to plant his flag

Paul Malignaggi is the 2013 NYFightblog Fighter of the Year.

Yep, he only went 1-1 in 2013, losing a tight decision to Adrien Broner before finishing up with a win over Zab Judah. But his output this year went beyond in-ring exploits. Importantly, he showed, with his reflexes and still superb command of the ring, that at 33 he remains a world-class fighter. Also, his work on Showtime, as their lead analyst, has drawn universal raves. Even those who might have been disposed to give him a thumbs down, for that New Yawk accent, have to concede he has a gift for making smart points during fights. Congrats, Paulie.

And thank you, readers, for making this little niche on this fine website a regular destination.

I wish you a happy, healthy, bountiful New Year.