Collazo stands tall over Ortiz

NEW YORK -- Luis Collazo welcomed Victor Ortiz back to the squared circle in the main event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn Thursday night in stunning fashion. Collazo's welcoming bash was punctuated in the second with a hellacious shot to send Ortiz down. He had a blank look on his face and couldn't gather his wits as the ref counted him out.

The end came at 2:59 for the Brooklyner, who held on to the WBA International welterweight crown.

Ortiz entered with a 29-4-2 mark. Collazo was 34-5. Ortiz, a California resident, last fought in June 2012, and was on the shelf to allow his broken jaw suffered in that bout to heal. Collazo, a Brooklyn resident, held the welterweight crown in 2004-05, and looked to score a return to the biggest stages.

The crowd chanted "Louuuu," but some of the announced 8,050 booed the ex-welterweight champ, who is a magnet at times from social media comics who like to point out his missteps.

In the first round of the welterweight tangle between two lefties, Ortiz wanted to land heavy while Collazo wanted to set the tone with his jab. In the second, Collazo's straight left was finding a home, and he was getting more confident, moving smartly, and making Ortiz miss.

Was it a matter of Ortiz being rusty, or Collazo being on message, or a combo? That can't be said for sure, but suffice to say this stoppage will stand as a sweet second act in the prizefighters' career, which received a violent jolt of energy, with the promise of an even grander stage rumble a certainty.