Rios makes AM weight

Lightweight titlist Brandon Rios, who couldn't make 135 at the Friday weigh-in ahead of his clash with Brit John Murray, stepped on a scale this morning, and weighed 146 1/4 pounds. That was within the boundary agreed upon by his camp and Murray's, so the fight with Murray is on. Rios lost claims to his crown but Murray can win it if he beats the Cali boxer at MSG tonight.

One might think that Rios is done at 135, but VP Carl Moretti of promoter Top Rank says that's not so. "You have to see what his diet was. There's no reason to just jump in weight class." Moretti said the kid ate a meal and drank last night, and would be eating a solid breakfast. This pesky reporter asked him what he ate, but Moretti didn't know.

Will he be diminished come fighttime? "We'll see at 10 PM," Moretti said.