Malignaggi had Khan beating Peterson, 114-111

Junior welter champ Amir Khan and his team got props for taking on challenger Lamont Peterson in his hometown of DC before the two men scrapped on Saturday night. After the bout, the Twittersphere was asking what the hell Team Khan was doing fighting on Peterson's home turf.

They had a point, actually, as Khan had two points deducted by the ref for pushing, and if those iffy calls hadn't been made, he would have been the victor. Peterson got the nod by scores of 113-112, 113-112 and 111-114.

I texted Khan's trainer Freddie Roach after, and asked him if Khan shouldn't have gone for the KO big-time as the fight went late, given the distinct possibility that the judges would lean away from the Brit. Freddie said he told Amir to gun for the stoppage. I did hear him ask Amir to put Peterson, a 7-to-1 underdog, on his ass after round 11.

Our NYC P4P No. 1, Paul Malignaggi, worked the fight for BBC radio. How'd he score it? "I had it 114-111 for Amir, but that's giving all the close rounds to Amir. I have no problem with Lamont winning, I just didn't expect him to get any close rounds, so I didn't give him any either lol."

NYFightBlog readers, who did you score the scrap, which ran on HBO?