Don King's turkey truck is hijacked

They say the boxing biz is befouled with characters of ill repute. But c’mon, let’s talk turkey here. Specifically, the load of turkeys which Don King had purchased for his annual turkey giveaway to needy folks in South Florida.

The Don, who lives in Delray Beach and has his office in Deerfield Beach, learned that 2,000 turkeys went missing Thursday, late-night. The truck they were in, and the birds, were found near Pompano Beach, on Friday. But since the birds had been absconded with, and no one was sure if they had been kept properly cooled, they had to be trashed.

"They told me that the truck had been hijacked. I felt deeply hurt and saddened, and it really hurts me, because I know how the people feel about being promised something like this and then it doesn't happen,” King told WSVN.com.

But the show will go on. The high-haired impresario promised that more birds would be secured and a new date for the bird bonanza will be determined.

The Grinch responsible for the felonious turkey trot won’t have the last laugh. The spirit of the holidays cannot and will not be kayoed by the work of this fowl felon.