Could Floyd's jail stint help Martinez?

Sergio Martinez made it clear Tuesday that he's game to fight Floyd Mayweather, and his promoter, Lou DiBella, thinks that there is a better chance Mayweather gives Martinez a go than Manny Pacquiao does. Mayweather's status became a bit clearer with the word coming Wednesday in Vegas that he'll serve 90 days in jail after copping a plea to battery and harassment. The charges stemmed from his September 2010 altercation with ex galpal Josie Harris.

No one was sure when to plan for his next bout, because of his legal woes, but now it seems like he'll be free to fight after his stint, which begins Jan. 6, ends. That leaves May open for Pacman, but a fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez is a virtual lock for that slot, so Martinez should not get his hopes too high.

DiBella focused harder on Martinez-Mayweather than Martinez-Pacquiao. He said that Team Martinez would accept 20 percent of an 80-20 deal, and would fight at a "middleweight" limit of 155, or for the junior middle crown, at a catchweight, all the way down to 150 pounds. The promoter said Mayweather can make as much money fighting Martinez as he can Pacquiao, with he and the Filipino splitting the take 50-50.

Back to the Floyd situation..I really do hope that the jail time serves him well. I have talked to people who used their stint wisely, who reflected on their actions and promised themselves that when they became free, they would not repeat the behaviors which landed them behind bars. The justice who sentenced Mayweather, Melissa Saragosa, said that she was struck by the fact that the incident happened in front of his children, aged 11 and 9, and that one of the kids had to protect his mom. She also said that the boxer took all their cell phones and that she found it fortunate that the cops were called, because Mayweather threatened to kill Harris during the incident, and if cops weren't called, who knows what direction the situation would have gone in.

I'd like nothing more for Mayweather to exit jail a humbled, changed man, one who stops burning $100 bills at bars, and bragging about his wads, and collection of cars, and frankly, acted more like Sergio Martinez. Someone on Twitter today called him the "anti-Mayweather." Hard to disagree...

Readers, do you see this jail time changing Floyd Mayweather?