Welcome to the Fightblog

You either "get" boxing or you don't. It isn't like olives, where you can periodically taste one to see if it appeals to you.

Either you see the upside to two people in shorts punching each other in the head, or you don't.

I do.

I have since I was still leaving teeth under my pillow to get a payday from the tooth fairy.

Back then, it was Muhammad Ali, who I immediately took a shine to. I immediately sized him up as a stellar sportsman, and even more potent entertainer. As a kid I left the movie theater in Massachusetts shadowboxing in the streets after seeing "Rocky," and marveled at Marvin Hagler's menace when he ruled the middleweights in the 80s.

My fixation on the sweet science -- or, as I prefer to call it, "the savage science," because let's be honest here, the sweetness can get lost in the spray of blood and sweat ricocheting off the face of the fighter who just ate a vicious uppercut -- cemented itself in 1990, when heavyweight Buster Douglas shocked the world, but not himself, when he upset Brooklyn's Mike Tyson.

Boxing is a metaphor for life, and I identify with the guy who is fighting off the ropes, one eye shut, his trunks stained with blood, receiving more than he's giving. If he can plug on, so can I, and so can you.

That's where I'm coming from. So ... where's this blog going to? What can you expect to see in the NYFightblog? Admittedly, I am equally if not more so fascinated with the stories behind the athletes, what makes them tick, what circumstances they've overcome to get where they are, than the technical X's and O's of boxing.

You'll learn who the best and brightest fighters are in the New York area, discover the ones to watch for the future, read about the fights that take place in the region and the backroom battles between the power brokers who put them together.

So there will be a focus on the characters in boxing, and also Mixed Martial Arts, because after all, this is the Fightblog. MMA isn't legal in New York, but it's only a matter of time until it is. I'll have the trusty Flipcam with me, so I'll post videos you can watch at work when you're supposed to be working. I won't neglect the old-timers, either. Just because your hair is gray, it doesn't mean I don't want to hear what you have to say. (And I will keep crappy rhymes to a minimum.)

One more thing: you will see in the Fightblog the stories you want to see. My email address is FightblogNYC@gmail.com. You tell me what you want more or less of.

And away we go.